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Mundo Maya Yucatan
Maya World Expeditions is a Mexican company located in Cancun, a city considered the gateway to the Mayan World.

The company is made up of a group of professionals specialiazing in the Mayan World.

It offers regular small-group expeditions, Tailor Made itineraries, Private Tours, and Transportation according to your needs, and its mission is to provide the client with high quality services geared to the aim of total consumer satisfaction whilst minding and paying attention to the preservation of the Maya culture legacy.

Our vision is to be the best personal advisers on expeditions and unique experiences in the enigmatic world of the Mayans.

Maya World gives to expeditionaries the opportunity to enter in to communion with Nature, History and discover the Mayan Way of Life.

The entire staff of Maya World Expeditions: Local experienced Senior Tour Guides, with wide knowledge of the Maya civilization, Professional Expeditions Planners and local Expeditions Directors are waiting for you to embark on a delightful adventure.


The Maya World Expeditions Team.