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Location Beaches Sisal

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Beaches Sisal

Location: Hunucma  |  Yucatan  |  Mexico

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Language: Spanish
Legendary cabotage port which exported most of the Yucatan henequen produced in the nineteenth century, was considered the most important commercial port from the sixteenth to the early twentieth century, when it was founded Progreso. Today is a quiet little fishing village in the municipality of Hunucmá, with a population of 1,672 inhabitants, located 57.7 miles (51 minutes) from downtown Merida.

Her warm smile is white sand beaches and its exotic scenery. Bellas migratory birds such as ducks arrive punctual Canada each year seeking the shelter of the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Buildings are worth visiting as Fort Santiago, built to protect the ancient inhabitants of pirate raids and the ex – Maritime Customs, the Lighthouse and pier (now rebuilt), who met business functions at the time of port greater splendor, when he witnessed the arrival in the peninsula of Empress Carlota (1865).


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