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Location Yaxuna Archaeological Site

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Yaxuna Archaeological Site

Location: Yaxcaba  |  Yucatan  |  Mexico

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FIRST HOUSE is a peaceful Mayan city that offers attractions for the adventurous tourist who likes the contact with nature, because of its archaeological and have the longest sacbé Maya area has lodging in cabins typical, attractive as well as bees Melipona ceremony and traditional festivals. They are made with three technical crafts: woodcarving, hand and machine embroidery.

Also located on Lol-Ha cenote, with a stone staircase that allows access to your mouth.

It can be visited from Monday to Friday, is 25 km from Chichen Itza and Coba 103 km.


Recent archaeological explorations begin to show two important moments of the occupation of the site: in some graves have been located substructures of its oldest inhabitants, before V century AD and contemporary to Oxkintok. In the Early Classic or Preclassic monolithic blocks were used for construction, but is in the Terminal Classic when Yaxuná seems to have its full bloom.

Place denied for itzáes who had to stay in Chichén, his sculpture gives meaning to architectural spaces and links this city with Puuc sites, mainly Kabah: designs carved stones base on which stands the “House Queen’s “remind us of the same element of Kabah Codz Pop, as well as use in the walls of reeds with a band typical of Puuc.

It is a rock citadel or outpost and is in a direct line with Chichen Itzá. Since it is believed that the citizens of Yaxuná were aligned with the rulers of Cobá it is possible that the Xcan Ha site was a defensive early warning fort to warn the city of impending danger from Chichén Itzá. The old, Preclassic center of Yaxuná lies in the southern groups of triad pyramids. Here, a pyramid stood in Preclassic times as the highest building north of the imperial Peten city, El Mirador.

The scenery visible from the top of the hill known as the Green House raises the visitor long trips and intensive agriculture that should be supportive for the large population of the northern peninsula. In addition to this enormous Acropolis buildings, other structures, such as the Ball Game, and large architectural complexes are being studied by archaeologists to offer new information on the long history of Yaxuná.

Among the building sites at Yaxuná is The North Acropolis. This large platform holds a triad of pyramidal structures. The foundations of these buildings probably date to the Late Preclassic. The Yaxuná ballcourt lies 100 meters to the south of the acropolis platform directly on the centerline of both the acropolis triad and the entire ceremonial precinct.


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